Wednesday, January 6, 2010

under the sea

The Muses’ sweet friend Amanda wrote in asking for inspiration for her daughter’s nursery…a daughter who just so happens to be the most precious child on the face of our planet. Our daughters will most likely develop inferiority complexes because of this perfect little girl.

HEY BABY GAP! Do you see her? Do you see the most gorgeous baby ever? Use her in your advertisements!

Amanda posed an interesting question: how to decorate a little girl’s room without the use of pink? With market saturation of pink accessories for little girls, this task can be a bit challenging. But never fear, Mandy! The Muses are here to tell you that despite what a multimillion dollar industry may try to tell you, you don’t have to use pink to create a precious nursery for your daughter. In fact, we’ll go so far as to tell you to use BLUE!

This nursery is inspired by one of my favorite things...mermaids! Can I get a show of hands for those who wanted to grow their hair out to be like Ariel’s? Can I get another show of hands for those who put diving rings around their ankles in the pool and pretended to swim like a mermaid? Who here would still sell their voice for a pair of fins? Ooo...that one was just me...awkward.

Regardless, here we used a beautiful “under-the-sea blue” to make it more feminine, as well as adding dainty accents such as the adorable mermaid blanket and beautiful fish parasol.

Far Out Chinese Parasol from Land of Nod, Graco Sarah Dressing Table from Changing Table Store, Floating Fish Mobile by Livs Lullaby, Alphabet Mermaid Print by Pomegrante Ink, Mermaid Baby Blanket by La Lune Designs, Acqua Crib Bedding by Carousel Designs, Fish Tank from Fish Tank Warehouse, Dark Pink Round Rug from Rug Zone


  1. WOO HOO! Thanks, ladies! I love it. :-)

  2. I LOVE the blue baby things! I especially love the fish mobile and the baby blankets! And yes, she IS the most gorgeous baby on earth...until MY grandchildren are born!!

  3. that is magical! i loooove dreaming up nursery decor!