Thursday, December 16, 2010

Muse Help: Office Redecorating

One FM reader writes:
Alright my favorite muses, I have a query for you. These are tough economic times, so instead of holiday bonuses, the CEO of my company is giving everyone $250 to spend on our office environment. We can buy anything we want that will make us happier in our workplace: misc computer software, a rug, a new chair, a new lamp, oversized map of California, whatevs. I know: perfect muse project, right?

I am much more practical than aesthetically
minded, hence why I wouldn't mind some inspiration!

On the one hand, awesome that you get to redecorate your office! On the other hand, we would probably prefer $250 in cash...but whatev.
The Muses definitely believe in being practical (except when it comes to high heels) but you can easily be practical and fill your office with beauty.

We would suggest:
  • lighting
  • art
  • organizing items
One of the Muses' Lovers is of the firm belief that overhead industrial lighting makes people anxious (the Muses don't need any help there!). He thinks that soft lighting around a room makes a world of a difference. We agree! That said - we suggest either a tall lamp to stand beside your desk or a lamp to sit on the desk. Pottery Barn has a great tutorial on picking workspace lighting.

You could go modern with something from IKEA

LjusÄs Salbo


or go vintage and grab an amaaaazing Edison lamp (so hot right now!)

Instead of just hanging a giant map of California, try honoring your home state with some cool art.

Lastly, get organized! Check out some Muse suggestion about great filing options. BUT if you have some extra bucks to spend, buy a Franklin Covey planning systems. Oh. My. Goodness. One little Muse would just die without its amazing ability to organize the 10,003 tasks that need to be done. This is not a calendar. Say it with me, "Franklin Covey is not a calendar." It is an organizing system. See basic how-tos here.

Monday, December 13, 2010

New Product Review: L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour

There are so many new products out there it is hard to tell what's great and what's a dud. Which is why the Muses compiled a big list of great products for you not too long ago.

Add this one to the list girls! It is Muse tested and approved!

L’Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipcolour

This product lives up to its claims. Beautiful lip color that lasts for hours and hours. While you are jamming down Luna Bars and lattes and politely dabbing your lips after lunch meetings it stays in place! Maybe more importantly, it will hold beautiful color through glasses of wine, dinner... and a little smooching. Also, it comes with a moisturizing stick that keeps your lips soft and nourished.

Go. Buy. Now.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Muse Quick Trick: Save that Manicure!

Can we get a raise of hands from our girls who love getting manicures?

Can we get a raise of hands from our ladies who are saddened when the lovely manicure only lasts 4 days? ...or 3 days if you don’t have a dishwasher. That’s right girls, raise those chipped fingernails.

We feel ya girls, we feel ya. We all want to touch up, but who has bottles of "You Don’t Know Jacques" laying around? The Muses are here to tell you that you can keep those nails in tip top shape longer. You’ll feel adorable for more than 4 days and you won’t feel like you’re wasting your money on manicures that don’t last...

The Trick: After about 2-3 days or whenever you notice the manicure is wearing, slap on a coat of clear polish, making sure to really cover the ends. It lacquers everything back in place and keeps the polish from chipping off. You can do this every couple days. The color will last 2-3 times as long.

Now go treat yourself to a manicure and give it a try!