Thursday, January 7, 2010

2010 Wedding Color Trends

Several of our lovely readers have inquired regarding the 2010 wedding color trends. In our most humble opinion (which we're not so humble about, ahem), we would like to propose that this year's sought-after color is not a new concept, but a recreation of the old. The lustrous appeal of vintage elements has not corroded yet.

White is the wedding color of 2010. Don't fall into the "white is too typical" train of thought - it's faulty. We are noticing that brides are returning to traditional colors. We're not talking Billy Idol's White Wedding. We're certainly not suggesting a white ball gown and 80s ringlet curls. We do not condone a cardboard cake covered in white buttercream roses. And we strongly advise against wearing those horrid satin white wedding shoes. (Please note: if those come back, these muses are throwing in the towel on American wedding fashion and taking a vacation to Phuket).

In 2010 we will be seeing lots of white weddings with great modern twists. Take for example this beautiful all-white cake with lovely white magnolias from Kristine Bender of K. Rose Cakes.
An updated alternative to the mid-90s satin shoe is this fabulous pair of Jaceline shoes by RSVP.

We are quite fond of these blooms by Laura Dowling.

Lastly, take a look at this brilliant idea from Martha Stewart: Rosemary Sea Salt favors.

Allow us to take a moment to have a heart-to-heart with the public regarding wedding favors. Please, PLEASE, stop a) wasting your money b) cluttering our houses and c) making us feel guilty for throwing away useless wedding favors, which are largely chokshki items with your name and wedding date engraved on them. A box of matches with your names? Go for it! We all love candles, therefore matches are useful. However - a mini terracotta pot with “the perfect pear” and your wedding date painted on it? Ahem. If you’re gonna spend a wad of cash, spend it on something your guests will enjoy. Like more alcohol and extra shrimp.

Bottom line: for those lucky gals planning a wedding in 2010 (or helping a dear friend or sister), consider a white palette. It’s clean, simple, classic, bright and can be reinvented in a number of ways. The possibilities are endless!

For other great ideas, we suggest you check out Snippet & Ink or Green Wedding Shoes, just two of our long list of favorite wedding blogs. Collect ideas from these gals and the weddings they feature from other parts of the country and then use them to make your event unique and demonstrative of your personality.

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