Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ask The Muses - Calendars & Planners

Dear, dear Muses,

Any recommendations for 2010 calendars for work? I need to infuse some artsy into my admin workday. It would be extra-magical if they were cheap
enough to expense with a clear conscience :)


The Artsy Admin

Dear Artsy Admin:

We appreciate your desire to have an artsy space at work! Administrative & office duties can get a bit mundane – it’s always a great idea to have a little splash of personality to offer creative inspiration.

We Muses loooove calendars. We’re the planning kind, one of us loves to have agenda items categorized by color and the other is utterly useless without her Franklin Covey prioritization system and red daily planner .

Since we’re not sure exactly what you’re looking for, we'd like to offer you a few options:

An artsy wall calendar – sure, it looks like you’re working – but you’re really walking the streets of Paris.

A calendar that does more than just look good – support a charitable cause while enjoying a bit of modern art.

A hip dry-erase calendar – because your boss is allowed to change his mind about who he’s eating lunch with and the all-staff meeting will most likely get rescheduled. Just say no to scribbled-out appointments – clearly articulate what he’s doing on a calendar that’s large enough for you and the rest of the office to read without spectacles.

Moleskine daily planner – you can’t go wrong with a classic. There’s a reason it’s been around since the days of Hemingway.

And don’t forget – say yes to color! I can think of at least two people (ahem) who love to coordinate their boss’s administrative Outlook/Entourage calendars in shades of pink, purple, teal and blue.

Administratively yours,

The Freelance Muses


  1. HA! Are you talking about me in reference to the color-coded boss' calendar, my dear muse?