Monday, November 8, 2010

Finding a City Hat

Let’s get something straight. Both your Muses are City Girls. We like to be surrounded by 101 good restaurant choices, we get jazzed by the hustle generated by crowds of people, we enjoy walking to our fave coffee shops and gelaterias, and we love public transit (well, one of us does, the other tolerates it). But even City Girls need to get some space every now and again. Which is why the pretty little West Coast Muse headed out of the big City with a couple good friends so they could all try to catch their breath and get some space.

Originally the plan was to become one with nature and hike around. But seriously, who can do that all day? So instead the three ladies became one with the Outlets and rejoiced in the glory of creation via vineyard hopping. People never think of enjoying the fall colors in Napa, but they are spectacular! And so California!

On this little excursion, one of the lovely adventurers mentioned she wanted to find a great hat. Maybe like the typical driver’s cap. An adorable hat seems like something every City Girl should have....very Mary Tyler Moore-esque. Here are some great options for a ladies stylish city hat that could be worn window shopping downtown, out to dinner, to the cigar bar...or even if you venture outside of the sometimes-suffocating City.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

A Girl's Gotta Stay Organized

Let's talk about the office. Seriously, can we do away with those black plastic-y or fake woodgrain in-out boxes? ::cringe:: But the real issue is file folders. Manilla folders are great for huge filing projects that are stored away, hidden for no eyes to see. But the bland folders (or worse yet, those primary color folders that remind us of a kindergarten classroom) just will not do for desktop filing.

So here is the Muse Round-Up of Cute, Stylish File Folders.


Mod Chic (one little Muse just bought these...thank you, purchasing card)

Check out these great finds from Etsy. Visit Tabitha's shop and use the code "muse" to get $1 off anything in her gorgeous collection!