Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Engagement Party Gift Ideas

alternate title: Let the Wedding Season Begin!

Dear Muses,

My boyfriend and I are going to an engagement party this weekend for some mutual friends who finally got engaged. I say "finally" because homeboy has been dragging his feet for four years and finally found the cajones to pop the question. There is no theme to the party and no set date for the wedding. What should I bring as a gift?


Clueless in Clarendon

Dear Clueless,

Never fear, never fear - the Muses are here!

These sorts of parties are usually more to oohhh and aahhh over the ring and to celebrate; you don't need to expect a huge gift-opening ceremony. Gifts aren't required nor expected at engagement parties, but bringing a little something is always fun to show your friends tangibly that you are excited for them. You might try one of these.

Wine - you can never go wrong taking wine to a party. Since it is an engagement party, you could also grab a bottle of bubbly. But be aware - they'll probably get lots of wine, and you'll never get a thank you note because chances are, they'll never know who brought which bottle.

As a joke, hard liquor and a flask for him, and wedding planning tools for her

Pretty thank you cards (Crane & Co or Kate Spade- gor-geous stationery) and a book of stamps - they'll need lots of those in the near future!

Home Depot gift cards - particularly if they're going in on a new home together

Anthropologie has beautiful aprons, measuring spoons, cookbooks and dish towels (a running friend gave these to me and they're SO cute!!)

Terrarium Supply Kit with a glass jar and how-to book

Regardless of which gift you decide to go with, have fun celebrating the happy couple! They'll appreciate your presence, and will take it as a sign that they can depend on your friendship and support throughout the wedding-planning process.


The Muses