Friday, March 5, 2010

Products that Really Work!

OK ladies, we’ve given you a week to respond to us with your list of tried-and-true beauty products and tricks that really do work – and now we’re here to deliver the goods! If you have a tip or product that you weren't able to submit, go ahead and leave us a comment. We're all about furthering everyone's education.

Parissa Chamomile Body Sugar – francine
"Finally – an at-home waxing kit that not only really works, but cleans up easily! I kid you not – the biggest mess-maker and klutz in the greater United States, I find a way to make even the simplest of systems a catastrophic failure. The great thing about this stuff is that it’s washable – that’s right, washable. Thanks to the sugar base, you can use warm water and a cloth to easily wipe away drops on the floor or gobs of hot wax that has traveled to unfortunate places that should never, ever be waxed."

Deva Curl Hair Care SystemVeronica, who (in our humble opinions) has the most gorgeous red curly hair ever. EVER.

“For curly hair I recommend: Live Curly Live Free for directions on hair care. These principles are taken almost directly from Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey. Lorraine Massey owns a salon in NYC called Devachan and they make a curl care line called Deva Curl. I HIGHLY recommend it.

You can find someone who follows the Deva concept of cutting curly hair, as well as places that sell the Deva curl line of products near you here.

Having my hair cut and using these products has changed my life when it comes to wearing my hair curly.”

Ladies – visit V's Web site and catch a glimpse of her gorgeous curly red hair (and her super cute kid, too). After you’re done coveting her locks, thank her for sharing her secrets and go get some of this stuff for yourself.

mD Formulation Skin Care Line – francine
"According to a Women’s Health survey, the top two skin issues among women polled on their Web site are acne and wrinkles. This line of skin care products by BareEscentuals claims that by using a glycolic compound rather than just glycolic acid, the pH of your skin isn’t disrupted. Rather than irritating side effects, you achieve flawless, glowing skin. Look at the list of ingredients and you notice a delicate balance of chemicals that are actually good for your skin – antioxidants, retinol, salicylic acid, lactic acid, even green tea.

Having personally tried everything from Proactiv to antibiotics prescribed by a dermatologist, I can honestly say that NOTHING has worked like these products. I use the Vit-a-Plus products, which actually work like Retin-A without the accompanying skin irritation (which of course causes more breakouts). I could go on and on, but the bottom line is: this stuff works."

Insolia High Heel Inserts – Christina
"These are not just little cushy inserts. Insolia extends the heel portion of your shoe so your weight shifts and is evenly distributed between the heel and ball of your foot. I was able to wear 4.5" heels on my wedding day for 7 hours with no issue! It is shocking that these can only be purchased online. If you are a high heel wearer you MUST buy these. If you are not a high heel wearer, try these, you may just change your mind."

Mary Kay Satin Hands – Tracy
"My absolute favorite hand moisturizer: Mary Kay Satin Hands Fragrance-Free hand cream. It offers long-term hydration with no greasy feel or annoying scent."

Lasinoh – Tracy
"I know this sounds weird, but my go-to lip gloss is actually a breast cream. One little dab of Lansinoh (made for breastfeeding mothers) supplies natural, super long lasting shine. One little purple tube lasts forever."

Dr. Scholl's Inserts – Meghan
"I am a fan of Dr. Scholl's shoe inserts for heel pain. they are a little more expensive than just the gels but they work if your on your feet all day long!!!!"
Stila Eyeshadow - Kitten (Shade Number 58) -- Leah
I use this shade as a base, or by itself on days when I don't want to wear much make-up. One sweep of it across your lid and another little dot in the corner of your eye really wakes up your face. The best part is that this shade really does look great on everyone, no matter your skin tone.

And, a product that just sucks!

Smooth Away – Jesse
"does not work!"


  1. I want to give a big "AMEN" to Deva Curl. The "Angel" gel product works well, but what really changed my life is their techniques. (No combing, extra conditioner... and don't you dare put a towel anywhere NEAR those curls!

    Glad you're a supporter too, Veronica!

  2. V has made me a believer too. I sampled the DevaCurl products as soon as V wrote in about them, and I'm pleased as punch. Even though my hair is much finer than both of you ladies, it's a miracle elixir. And I agree Kate - not putting a towel to my head in and of itself has made the biggest difference!


  3. fpa, where do you buy the body sugar? as a fellow dark haired beauty (it's a blessing and a curse), you've encouraged me to try it. i'm do for a waxing any day now. Loved the post!

  4. You can buy the body sugar at Whole Foods! It's great stuff : )