Friday, February 12, 2010

Love Language # 7: Needs Fulfilled

aka Boobs

What does one call a muse's husband? Can muses have husbands? Maybe they just have passionate, inspiring flings with artists. For our purposes we'll use the word "lover" (that sounds artistic and passionate, doesn't it?)

So one sweet little muse's lover started taking the love language test but quit 2 questions in when he felt pigeon holed to choose things he didn't really care about. Which to choose? Which to choose?
  • I love when my wife compliments my appearance.
  • I still get excited when unwrapping a gift given to me by my wife.

We understand that for someone whose love language is acts of service, this would be a difficult choice...but what if there were a third choice?

  • I still get excited when my wife puts on something a little sexy.

Boobs. Ok, we know they aren't really a love language but men love when you dress them up.

The muses suggest something a little sassy and a little us.

Let's be honest, searching for lingerie on the internet can be slightly frightening so try these websites that are Muse Approved.

Victoria's Secret (of course!)
Dolce V
HotMilk (Maternity Lingerie - Creepy Name. Brilliant Concept.)
Made by Niki
Ayten Gasson
Fig Leaves

Go on! Even if you’re a little reserved, do something daring and buy a little sexy item. Though they might not come out and say it, most men share the common love language of boobs.

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