Sunday, February 14, 2010

Ask-a-Muse: Meeting the Parents!

My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months, and things are pretty serious. Next weekend I'm going to have dinner with his parents! Here's the catch: this isn't the first time I've met them, since they're actually friends with my parents. So a potentially
awkward dinner is made more awkward by the fact that they've watched me grow up...and now I'm dating their son.

Anyway, I want to take a gift over to their house when I arrive, but I'm not quite sure what to bring. Flowers for his mom? A bottle of wine? I'm on a budget so I can't do too much. Help!

Sincerely yours,

Awkward in Alexandria

Dear Awkward -

First of all, stop with the negative nomenclature; we're going to call you "AWESOME in Alexandria" because you're going to rock this dinner like a star.

We think your plan for flowers and wine is a great idea! Even if you're out around $30 for both, consider that this is an investment in the future.

But - if you have to choose one or the other, opt for the bottle of wine and tie a sweet bow around it. We think it's cuter than a potentially cheesey wine bag, and you can incorporate a little of your personality
into it depending on which color and style you choose.

Now if you feel clueless and clumsy in the wine section at your local
grocery store, hold on tight to your purse, don't touch anything you could potentially knock over and remember: you can always ask for help. At Whole Foods for example, a sommelier is always on duty and they're eager to help. If you go to an actual wine store (an enoteca, or wine cellar) keep in mind that you may end up spending a little more,
but you can be sure that you'll find a gloriously classy bottle of vino.

In case you're short on time, we've collected a few labels here that you can consult. It's OK if you just pick it because the label is pretty - it could even be a conversation piece to help break the ice a little.

Don't like what you see here? Again, ask your local sommelier and they would love to assist you and help fill in some of the gaps.

We hope to have helped - and, good luck! Be the fabulous girl that you are and they can't help but follow the lead of their son and fall in love with you, too.

Your Muses


Big House White

Yalumba Pinot Grigo

Albarino's (from Spain)

Oxford Landing Sauvignon Blanc


Casa Cabernet Sauvignon

Green Point Shiraz

Hahn Pinot Noir

The Kitchen Sink

The Show

McManis Cabernet

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  1. This is awesome advice and I wish I would have had 'normal' in laws on whom to practice. ;-) Unfortunately, I showed up for my first meeting with them with a nicely-chosen (yet college budget-friendly) bottle of wine only to have them SEVERELY offended because they did not drink. :-0 Whoops...

    (I say 'normal' in laws are nice people and seem to have gotten over my unintentional faux pas quite well. I think it was the grandbaby that did it.)