Friday, December 18, 2009

Muse Q & A - Christmas cards

Dear Freelance Muses,

E-Christmas cards – lame?

Love, Curious about Christmas in California

Dear Curious,

If you have not already mailed Christmas cards to friends and family and are contemplating a last-minute e-card instead, stop yourself now. The Goddesses are here to tell you that it’s, well, tacky.

First, consider that many working in corporate America are already inundated with e-cards wishing the best for the holidays – whether they be e-cards from clients, those seeking to become clients in the new year, the building management company or colleagues and peers.

Furthermore, though your intention is to be thoughtful, by sending an e-card days before Christmas (or even on Christmas Eve) the message you send is less, “I’m thinking of you” and more “You’re an afterthought.”

Take the time and energy to mail real Christmas cards – you don’t need to say much; let the creativity of the card itself do the talking (can I get a collective groan for the ubiquitous Christmas letter that beleaguers us all? Just say no, people!). To receive a physical card in the mail from a long-distance friend is touching, meaningful and truly thoughtful.

The Goddesses suggest:

Letterpress - you can't get much classier than this. Here in Washington D.C., I prefer to visit The Written Word. It helps that it's locally-owned and right around the corner from our apartment.

You can also find a great selection online. Some of our favorites this year come from Farrell and Chase as well as Egg Press.

Homemade cards – get creative and use rubber stamps, hand-drawn calligraphy, a montage employing many of those old magazines lying around the apartment, clever use of paper layering or photos printed from your nearest drug store or with your home printer.

Photos – particularly if you have children - whom but Scrooge doesn’t love to coo over a fat and happy baby? However, take special note: two photos of your kids - cute. A trifold brochure documenting all 365 blessed days of your child's past year - obnoxious. Please spare us.

Postcard - we're in a recession, and every cent counts. Try creating a postcard using your home computer and printing it out at home, too. Not only do you save money by doing it yourself, but postcard stamps are 20 cents cheaper than regular stamps. Double score.

And for those of you who think we’re a load of crap and still wish to send an e-card, for the sake of those receiving it please opt for a brief and sweet personal message – just say no to mass e-mails with a link to dancing elves or singing Christmas trees!

your muses

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