Thursday, December 17, 2009

High Tea is so hot right now!

You heard it here first. So later this year when Martha Stewart and Real Simple are featuring afternoon tea, you know they’ve been reading Freelance Muses. (If Sandra Lee has an episode about tea parties, we can't be held responsible).

High tea. Could there be a more perfect way to be girly? What other event shouts “Wear vintage lace gloves!” When else is it completely appropriate to don an ostentatiously large floppy hat? And frankly, it couldn’t be easier.

There are a few key elements when throwing an afternoon tea party.
Please note:
  • a spot of tea
  • a sampling of savory snack
  • some sweet treats
  • dainty friends
  • flourishy embellishments
Rest assured we will be musing on more specific recipes and tea pairings in the coming weeks(dessert/drink pairings are SO underated!), but for now here is a soupçon of what makes the perfect tea party.

Pink Tablescape by Country Living, Four Calling Birds Mugs by Rosana, Rose-Water Madeleines from Martha Stewart, Raspberry Soiree Green Tea from Teavana, Radish-Chive Tea Sandwiches from Bon Appétit, Gold tea strainer from chef tools, Red Ruffle dessert stand (because cupcakes deserve their own cake stand!) by Jeanette Zeis


  1. love it! will check back perfect-girl you need an outlet for your culture and wit!
    xoxo ali

  2. I LOVE THIS! You two are beyond awesome. Miss you both!

  3. This is SO cute! But don't think it gets you out of buying me a Christmas present!!