Wednesday, August 3, 2011

stylish modern fabric

The Muses have tons of crafty friends that sew clothing (for themselves and their children), baby gifts, aprons - and sometimes, when one friend in particular gets a wild hair, she reupholsters furniture.

We hear the occasional gripe that it's difficult to find fun modern fabrics that inspire. Sadly, if you hit up a fabric store in the suburbs you'll find little more than pleather, pink plaid fleece, and polyester (yes, there are heroes in the midst, but it takes some work). A brilliant friend of the Muses, Claire, once reupholstered a dining room chair with a napkin from Anthro because the fabric selection she found was lacking. Oh la la - there must be more.

Enter - Fabricworm, an eclectic collection of unique and modern designs. This online shop, run by a momma (let's hear it for smart working moms!) supplies fabrics with designs that are sure to arouse creativity. She also sells bundles of assorted fabrics that coordinate.

Take a peek at her website but beware, before you know it you'll be filled with fabric lust and won't be able to stop your mind from wandering to fantasies of new baby bedding, curtains, birb clothes, and napkins.

Here are a few Muse favorites

We know one Muse cannot tear herself away from stripes : Dena Designs Taza Stripe 

Can we see this as an adorable baby boy bib? Sarah Jane Making Paper Hats in Aqua

Ahem, do we see a certain color scheme that matches a certain blog... Tiffany Blue and Red Bundle

Endless possibilites - accent pillows! napkins! curtains! Dena Designs Taza, Tarika Yellow

Also a great curtain option - digging this color combo : Anna Maria Horner Little Folks Voile in Olive

A modern rose pattern. Love and love! Such a bold pattern would be good as a small accent like the lining of a bag or inside cuff of a shirt : Joel Dewberry Heirloom, Rose Bouquet Amber

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