Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Even the boys seek inspiration

A male coworker casually mentioned to the East Coast Muse his desire to incorporate more color and energy into his wardrobe. Poor lad – he had no idea that there is nothing casual about fashion inspiration as far as the Muses are concerned. We bring you: Christopher’s Inspiration Board

Some new hipster Ray-Ban sunglasses

A bright Jack Spade carry-all  - use it for your laptop or just as a messenger bag

J. Crew striped t-shirt - the Muses don't just love stripes for ourselves we love them on him too

Fish hook bracelet from STAG in Austin

J. Crew gingham skinny tie for the office or about town

A fun tote for groceries

Some new kicks – sure, they look casual, but with that skinny tie, you’re golden

How about some fun laces for those kicks?

Happy Socks. The ECM's hubby wears even the brightest ones with his black loafers on a regular basis

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  1. Oh wonderful Muses, what would a boy do without your guidance and inspiration? I want to see more "Musing for Men" labels around here!