Thursday, June 2, 2011

Grownup paper doll fun with the Zara Spring Summer 2011 Collection

Have you seen the latest Zara Collection?! Oh, how we love it! Bright colors, stylish cuts, fabulous shoes, flirty skirts. It's enough to make a Muse squeal.

Smitten and charmed by Zara's summer line, the Muses spent some time flipping through the online selection and chose their top picks for every occasion. The most fun of all? Stepping back to admire our choices and realizing that though we are one in heart and mind, Zara's versatility allowed each of our styles to shine.

The East Coast Muse

ECM Outfit 1 - Out & About

  the vibrant scarf, the shirt, the wide-legged pants, the wooden heels

ECM Outfit 2 - Work
the dress, the short blazer, the heels

ECM Outfit 3 - Going Out
the sexy little dress, the shoulder coverage for the restaurant, the clutch, the hot heels

The West Coast Muse

WCM Outfit 1 - Out & About
the scarf, the top, the trousers, the ankle boots

WCM Outfit 2 - Work
the top, the mini skirt, the wooden heels

WCM Outfit 3 - Going Out
the buttons-down-the-back top, the leather mini skirt (OH yeah!), the belt, the rockin' heels

Ok so that's what the Muses would wear. What would you choose from the latest Zara line?

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  1. I LOVE the red "sexy little dress" ... yowza!!