Monday, May 9, 2011

You saw it here first: Anthro Farmer's Market Baskets

Check out the cute new stoneware farmer's baskets at Anthropologie. The larger version is perfect for creating an everyday centerpiece out of your citrus fruit.

Or, should you spring for the smaller option, it's effective for bringing berries home from the market or the grocery. Rather than throwing them back into their clam-shell plastic packaging after a good scrub, put them in here instead - it fits nicely in the fridge and is even cute enough to serve out of (hey, if you want to go for the truly eco option, go to the Farmer's Market and forego the packaging altogether!)


  1. Puh-shaw. Used them in Feb in the macaron shoot. Boo to the yeah. xoxo

  2. Francine, pipe down! Kristen, please ignore my hot-headed little Italian. But really - did you HAVE to rub it in??