Sunday, May 15, 2011

Inexpensive (non-Ikea) Sofa

The Muses were recently asked where one could find a new, reasonably priced sofa ($300-500) that is not from Ikea.

It's true that when you want a basic piece of furniture that isn't necessarily an "investment", people usually run to Ikea. However, if you aren't a visual learner and always end up attaching the legs on your tables upside down and backward or you don't want that same Billy bookcase that everyone has, you need to go elsewhere.

Here are a few places that have decent furniture options at a sensible price.

Urban Outfitters - Anywhere Sofa ($329)

Rooms to Go - Avelar Sofa ($375)

Overstock - Provence Sofa ($395) 

World Market - Luxe Sofa ($230 couch + $169 slipcover)

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