Friday, February 4, 2011

Intra-Musing: french veg. sides

You should know that all this musing began between the Muses themselves. We find ourselves wondering, “can I really get away with wearing this large belt over this shirt?”, “what is appropriate to bring to my work party?”, “how the heck do I cater a meal for 100 people?”. So emails are sent (or text with photo) to the one other person whose opinion we can always count on...the other Muse (well, and our beautiful, way-too-perfect-at-everything friend Kristen). We thought it could be fun to see some of the intra-Musing that keeps this show running.

The West Coast Muse (WCM) received this email today from her beloved East Coast Muse (ECM)

subject: I want to make this for dinner next week

But I want something French-y to go with. Green beans with a lemon vinaigrette? I have no idea. I'm bad at French food. Advise, please.

The WCM can be trusted with such questions because, while she is technically Midwestern, she is French at heart. She lived in France for a tick and most days can be found sporting black and white stripes, listening to the Bénabar station on, and drinking heavy cream.
The other person who can be trusted with questions about easy French food is Ina Garten.


  1. I do hope that asparagus was the Frenchy vegetable of choice. Though this time of year, Brussels sprouts would be yummy too. I am HONORED to muse with you!

  2. oh yes, the asparagus was chosen! and it was a delightful, super simple meal. I plan to make it every time I forget to go to the grocery store. It makes it look like my forgetfulness was intentional.