Thursday, February 24, 2011

"American" Food

The Muses recently got this email from a friend who ran away to South America to be with her Brazilian boyfriend. (aside) What the heck?! Why are all our friends gallivanting to Paris and Brazil while we sit here at our boring science jobs in frigid California and frigider Washington DC? Anyway, on to the email...

So I want to make some "american" food for some of Fabio's friends. It's hard to think of anything besides burgers, mac n cheese, corn bread.. any ideas? They said they like chili... Fabio doesn't think that is a main dish. I try to remind him that I would know. He doesn't seem to agree.

Oh...did we forget to mention her Brazilian boyfriend was named Fabio? Yep. Sweet friend, your life is glamorous.

The “american” food thing is a little tough. While living abroad we’ve found it difficult to explain what that really means...after all America is the melting pot so our cuisine follows suit. Yet, we were able to come up with a number of things that are definitely all-american.


yes this is definitely a main dish. Load it up with beef and serve it with a side of cornbread. That’ll fill up anyone.

Apple Pie
Make your own crust. Seriously, it is not that hard. Baking is easy as long as you follow our two simple rules 1) be patient (e.g. Put the crust in the fridge for the allotted amount of time) and 2) follow directions exactly (i.e. Don’t skip steps or ingredients!)

Really simple. Really classic.

Have fun girl! And after you finish all this cooking, have a few caipirinhas for us!


  1. Can I just add that chocolate pecan pie is just as "all american" as pecan pie?

  2. @Kate completely agreed! Chocolate pecan pie is DEFINITELY "all american" ...and delicious!!