Friday, January 28, 2011

A Lady Needs a Flask

As the Muses have mentioned before, we are two creative, right-brain girls that have both somehow landed among scientists for our 9-5.

Generally this is a good thing. When our beloved nerd co-workers spend their days at the bench pipetting or doing data analysis they lose touch with the real world. So the Muses love to bring some real world to their lives. A splash of leopard print here, taste testing chocolates and cupcakes, encouragement to think outside the box. We do what we do well.

BUT occasionally the paper work, the grants, the meeting planning, the abstract collecting erodes a creative girl’s mind/soul. Is that over dramatic? Mmm? No I don’t think so...grants, are soul sucking.

And the best thing to do when life starts to wear on drink. So here is a collection of in vogue flasks that are great for all sorts of events - outdoor concerts, the ballet, lunch dates with that super high stress friend, and of course, your desk drawer.

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