Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Alternate Title: Celebrate even if there's no inherent reason to celebrate!

One half of the Freelance Muses team (the Pretty West Coast Muse) is on spring break with her adoring husband this week. Spring break incidentally falls during said Muse and her adoring husband’s two year wedding anniversary (it’s this Monday, if you’d like to extend your congratulations, best wishes and warm feelings to them!) So it’s a week of celebration and a break from blogging for her.

The other half of this team is going to take the reins and blog about something that happened about two weeks ago – while Adoring Husband was busy cramming for finals and spending time into the wee hours of the night in the library and whatever else it is that law students do, Pretty West Coast Muse decided to have some girls whose husbands were also in the law library over on a Saturday morning. They decided to have a sleepover, but without the sleep. Which I suppose makes it just an “over,” but let’s not split hairs. It was the perfect time to invite over all the other law school widows.

Allow the Muses to encourage you to invite guests to help with the party-planning efforts. The bones of this party were fairly simple, and guests were a key collaborative component.

PWCM picked a pretty and feminine blue, pink and red color palette - store-bought pink and berry lemonade along with some fresh berries to garnish the granola kept the look cohesive.

Other friends brought cinnamon rolls and delicious strawberry apple crisp (coincidentally in a lovely pink dish).

Homemade granola (we'll post the recipe another day), yogurt flavored with vanilla bean and fresh fruit kept the do-ahead work to a minimum.

Every party needs activities, but keeping things simple can be best and allows guests the freedom to entertain themselves how they wish. The "over" included 2.5 hours of Wedded to Perfection, schmutty magazines, nail polish, and facial masks/scrubs.

photos courtesy of CMP

Don’t wait for a special occasion to host a party of your own. As spring approaches and the season beckons celebration in and of itself, consider having an “over” of your own with your lady friends. Brunches are always fun and festive of course, but a late afternoon tea party or an evening cocktail party would both be fun as well. Put the men out (or send them to a bar to drink beer and throw darts and do manly man things) and enjoy your time with your girlfriends. And don’t feel like you have to be the hostess with the mostess – ask each lady to bring an activity and a food item. This way you are relieved of doing all the work yourself and the party truly embodies the personalities of the collective group.

Happy Spring, Happy Celebration and Happy Times!

The Muses

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