Monday, March 29, 2010

Hungry? Why Wait?

And no, we are certainly NOT touting the benefits of the popular sugar-laden, peanut-y pile of goo.

Instead, act like the goddess that you are and grab a Lemon Zest Luna Bar. Delish!!

Consider this the perfect way to stave off hunger without too many calories and plenty of fiber. Note that this pairs so well with a cup of “Sip for the Cure - Pink Rose Green Tea." It's quite unfortunate they don’t make that soul-soothing tea anymore. When the last tea bag leaves the container, I have no idea what will happen.

OK, so maybe I do. I'll instead try these other rose teas:

Rose Petal Full Leaf

Cherry Rose Green Tea

Rosey Chai

Rooibos Rose Garden

Don't leave your boss hanging while you have a hypoglycemic melt-down. Energize and revive yourself with good-for-you ingredients (that come in pretty packaging).

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