Thursday, February 2, 2012

Caramel: on the rocks with salt

Ok, maybe you don't want your caramel on the rocks but you do want it on ice cream, drizzled on cookies, or even on pretzels (Lisa!) and you certainly want it with salt. A co-worker of ECM asked this morning where she could buy high quality caramels to melt down and schmear on cookies (yum!). But why buy when you can make?! Well, I guess because buying is easier but you are talking to WCM who has been pegged as the "Made It Myself!" Foodie (this description is an uncomfortably accurate depiction of real life events in this girl's SF kitchen).

In any case, the Muses conferred over email about our caramel making strategies.

ECM likes the wet method described in this Cooking Channel recipe. WCM prefers the dry method illustrated by David Lebovitz. They are the same basic concept except one doesn't have water. Even if you go with the wet method, check out David's troubleshooting and tips. Thank you David Lebovitz, we bow to your genius.

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