Friday, December 30, 2011

Start Your New Year Off with the Right Knot

Sit down. Are your kids running around screaming? Hush them. You, little missy, need to focus for the next 4.5 minutes. You are about to watch one of the best YouTube videos of. all. time.

The Muses have been waiting for a video like this for years - it definitely rocked our worlds. Twenty-five different ways to wear a scarf, and compiled into a campy, super cute little video. We are definitely inspired! We can't wait to try the "DIY-Infinity," "The Celebrity," "The Braid", and "The Bunny Ears." Perhaps we'll use the month of January to try all 25.

Prepare to be inspired, and enjoy!


  1. Love it! It was the WCM who introduced me to scarves during the first "real" winter I'd ever experienced. Since that time I've been rocking the "European Loop." Time to branch out - I'm going to start practicing the Magic Trick!

  2. I love the magic trick... that's what I tend to do with a scarf when I wear but i'm thinking the "twist & pull" will be a new favorite