Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Real Sukkah: West Coast Style

Last year we shared some inspirations for classy Sukkah decorations.

This year we thought we would show a few pictures of our real Sukkot feast that were inspired by that post.

First of all, there was the construction of the Sukkah. We had a former architect and a number of musical theatre geeks (read: set design) in our group so this was no small sukkah with a couple twigs and a blanket. It was framed out and built up like a serious Californian earthquake proof building....ok maybe not earthquake proof, but it was intense.

For the roof, we added some rolled bamboo fencing material which is easily found at your local hardware store. The group had a number of light weight tapestries that had been collected from international travels that were tacked on to three sides. 

We had a few Ikea lanterns (featured in last years post) that we attached to the 2x4 roof structure. Tea lights were placed in the lanterns as well as scattered around the table to give some beautiful ambient lighting. There was also a standing light outside behind the white sheet for added visibility. 

We covered our mismatched tables with one long tablecloth and bam....a beautiful and classy sukkah. 

Happy feasting, friends.

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