Monday, September 26, 2011

Meatless Monday: Soup Roundup

Fall - as of Friday, it was official. What a fabulous season! We are looking forward to sipping mulled wine, wearing tights and boots, finding persimmons at the market, watching leaves turn bright shades of red and orange, and eating warm comfort food.

So this week we are taking a look at all kinds of soup from vegetarian pho (the traditional Vietnamese noodle dish) to cornmeal soup from everyone's favorite rustic Italian chef Lidia Bastianich. Soup is a simple way to make any meal meatless. There are so many options from straight veggie to soups loaded with noodles or rice. If you find a delicious looking recipe made with chicken or beef stock, just sub in some great quality veg stock and you're in business.

Swede Soup with pickled hazelnuts and turnips (fyi a "swede" is a rutabaga)

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