Monday, March 8, 2010

Four Eyes


If you think they're for focusing your vision, you're wrong. Glasses (we're not including engagement rings here) are the one accessory that stays the same every single day (unless you're Beyonce, in which case you can have however many of whatever you want). This means a stylish girl must carefully choose eyeglass frames that make a personal statement about her personality and aesthetic. What do your glasses say? Perhaps the better question is: what do you want your glasses to say?

Here is a little round-up of glasses and the statements they make.

I am practical.

Spirit by Lindberg

I love luxury.

Style 58LV by Prada

I am artistic.

Borgia by Lafont

I listen to Wolf Parade.

Style 1349 by Schnuchel Eyewear

There's nothing I'd rather do than read.

Antonia by Kate Spade

While glasses make a big style statement, don't let us box you in. If you are a Tea Bag Conservative but want to rock some BOZ spectacles, do it girl!

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